Disposing Of Your Electronic Waste The Correct Way

You have recently purchased a new computer and do not need your old one any longer. Never dispose of the latter in a landfill. The internal parts of computers contain metals such as copper, gold, and silver whose oxides leech into the soil and contaminate it. They also affect marine life by contaminating water if the dumping ground is close to a pool. Instead, hand over the computer to a friend or relative who needs it. The rule is the same for all things electronic such as TVs, radios, and other electronic items. Alternatively, you can hand it over to a company that specialises in weee recycling uk. weee is an acronym for the term Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment. Under this system, it is the duty of householders to dispose of their electrical waste in a proper manner. Never dispose of your electric or electronic equipment in your bin if the equipment has a crossed out wheelie bin symbol. On the contrary, you should take it to the nearest civil amenity centre or household waste accounting. The contaminated soil and water affect trees and marine life. When you eat fruits from these trees or fish from contaminated ponds, you also consume a small amount of heavy metal, which is dangerous for your body.

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How are the items recycled?

You can search online for the term WEEE recycling UK companies near me and contact the one that is closest to you. They will send their professionals to your place and collect the electronic or electrical good that you no longer require, and take it to their processing plant. They will treat the waste material at their plant to separate the different parts of your old electronic/electrical goods, shred the plastic parts, melt the heavy metals, and sell them to manufacturers of motherboards and other electronic equipment. Typically, these companies use powerful magnets to remove ferrous metals like steel. They use electronic current to remove other non-ferrous metals. They sort the plastic through various methods like density separation and near infrared light. These processes save energy and resources.

But why opt for WEEE?

The majority of us do not know that items such as computers, irons, mobile phones, toasters, etc. can be recycled. One can put them to better use by handing them over to a company that recycles them. Not only does this protect the environment, but recycling also reduces the need for mining. The biggest impact items individuals purchase in the United Kingdom are vacuum cleaners, laptop computers, freezers, fridges, washing machines, and televisions. If the electronic good you want to dispose of is in working condition, you can donate them to a charity as well.

What does the disposal company do with your old electronic goods?

For example, mobile phones contain semiprecious and precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and gold, most of which can be recycled into low voltage electrical contacts and component plating material. Therefore, think twice before dumping your old electric or electronic goods in the nearest dumping ground. Contact any WEEE recycling UK company instead.