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This is where you can inspire others with stories of your community's energy heroes! Just click on the green "Submit a Story" button above and send us your ideas about a neighbor, a business, a school…anyone in your community who is taking actions from which others can learn.

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Cutting Fossil Fuel Use with Compost Heat

Categories: Heat, Business, Farm, Bioenergy

Communities: Enosburg Falls

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Healthy Living Charges Forward

Categories: Electricity, Transportation, Efficiency, Residence, Business

Communities: South Burlington

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Growing Food with the Sun, 21st Century Style

Categories: Heat, Electricity, Business, Farm

Communities: Jericho, Richmond

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Solar Works for My Business: Vermont Smoke and Cure

Categories: Electricity, Business

Communities: Hinesburg

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Cobb Hill: A Cohousing Community Focused on Sustainability

Categories: Heat, Electricity, Efficiency, Residence, Farm

Communities: Hartland

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Brewery Finances Energy Upgrade to Reduce Overhead

Categories: Efficiency, Business

Communities: Bennington

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Do-It-Yourself Man Andy Rowles and His Unconventional Home

Categories: Heat, Electricity, Efficiency, Residence

Communities: Thetford

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Fruitfull Energy: The Energy Detective

Categories: Heat, Electricity, Efficiency, Residence, Business

Communities: South Burlington

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To Make Your Home Warmer, Take Off the Roof

Categories: Efficiency, Heat, Electricity, Residence

Communities: Woodstock

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Vermont’s First LEED Certified Building: ECHO

Categories: Efficiency, Business, Heat, Electricity

Communities: Burlington

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